This isn't rocket science.  We get that. We work smart:  Consistent, organized, innovative, and forward thinking.  We do the job well. 

We are guided by four principles that are posted near our desks so we don't get distracted.  

1)  Quality is always first.  We don't take on more than we can handle at any given time. Our current clients are the priority.  Our staff hold each other accountable to the highest standard working as a team. Having a business built on referrals can only happen with this as our #1 rule.

2) Be comfortable.  We dress casually most often.  We are most comfortable this way and hope you don't mind. Properties require us to do a lot of things on any given day and we want to be ready.  We also believe we can push the buttons on a calculator the same no matter what we're wearing.  We want to get the job done and we dress for it.

3) Be open.  We are transparent and expect you to be.  We believe the only way we're going to achieve goals together is to be open and honest about every aspect of our interaction. 

4) Be selective.  We work with people we enjoy, including clients, vendors, and staff.  This makes for an enjoyable and efficient process for everyone. We believe who we do business with is a choice.  It's mutual.

Four Guiding Principles

We are it!

Why choose us to manage your investment?

​​We were the first to take an institutional approach to the smaller asset class, and we do it better than our competitors. 

Our perspective comes from years working with large assets for national and regional companies. We found local investors needing a better approach to managing their smaller properties during a cycle downturn.  In some cases they made the mistake of doing it themselves.  We didn't understand why the needed level of service wasn't available, so we created it.  

Our success recipe involves a blended approach. Along with the obvious performance standards, we meet the client at their comfort level with communication with an eventual goal of giving them the freedom to enjoy life once again without regret or fear. Communication typically relaxes dramatically from where it begins. This happens because our client has 

developed a deep trust in how we handle their financial investment.  

To prove that, they invite us to participate as a co-broker in property sales, leasing their commercial space, and other fun opportunities.   

They remain committed to us as our commitment to their asset performance continues.

we'll get you a good night's rest.

Northwest select is a boutique firm focused on perfecting 

management of the Pacific Northwest's smaller asset class.

​We got this!